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Welcome to Where you will find unique resources for the over 800,000 veterans waiting for the VA to decide their disability claim. There are lots of information sources out there. Our goal is to provide unique value that cannot be easily found elsewhere on the internet. If it has already been done properly elsewhere online you probably won’t find it here.

Here, you will find information about how to determine your backpay amount quickly using the VAdisabilitycalculator. If your actual backpay amount was less than expected, we give reasons why it may be small. If you received a lowball decision on your claim, we offer suggestions for improving your next outcome.

Nearly all questions can be answered with a couple Google searches these days. So we strive to be what websites are not and to provide unique resources for the over 800,000 veterans waiting for the VA to decide their disability claim


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Here’s How to Use the VADC Calculator

Calculating how much you can receive as retroactive disability compensation can be simplified by using the VADC calculator.

Follow the steps and know the significance of your inputs.

  • Select disability rating. This ranges from 10-100% and refers to the rating that will be assigned by VA. Based   on the medical records simplify remindersubmitted, this rating can be for a singular disability or combined rating for multiple disability.
  • Select number of dependent children below 18. There is a corresponding monetary support allocated for each child. You will be required to enter the birth month and year of your children.bigstock-Father-and-son-sitting-on-a-wh-12163412
  • Answer the question: How many children do you have between 18-24? Again, the birth month and year of that child is required. This information will indicate the number of children who are attending school. There is a corresponding amount given as support for each child who are attending senior high school to college.
  • Answer the question: What is your marital status? If you are married, you will be asked to indicate the date of marriage. A higher amount is given by the government to veterans who are married.
  • Answer the question: Does your spouse needs aid and attendance? In order to adequately provide for the medical needs of the veteran, the government also considers the medical needs of the spouse. This is to ensure that the couple’s medical needs will be well-provided for.
  • Answer the question: How many dependent parents do you have? You need to Conceptual image, help and care for handicapped person.indicate the date of entered dependency and date of exited dependency. The government provides monetary support to the parents of the veteran.
  • Answer the question: What is the effective date of increase?
    There are certain conditions or criteria used to determine the effective date of increase.
  • Finally, click the calculate button. In a few seconds, you will get a table indicating the amount you will be receiving as retroactive pay.

If you have questions and comments about the back pay calculator, please post your questions and comments.


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