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How to Use the VADisabilityCalculator

Calculating how much you should receive as retroactive disability compensation can be simplified using

Follow the steps to calculate an approximate value of your retroactive compensation.

1. Select disability rating. This ranges from 0%-100% and refers to the rating that is currently assigned from the VA. If you have not received a rating yet, input 0%. This rating can be for a single disability or combined rating for multiple disabilities. DOES NOT calculate retired pay. The calculator determines total disability pay minus what was already paid.

2. Select number of dependent children below 18 years old. There is a corresponding monetary support for each child under 18. Enter the birth months and years of your children. This information is asked because child status may have changed in the 3, 5, or even 10 years of retroactive pay.

The calculator will show the change in pay rate as child dependency changes.

38 USC 101 contains the definition of “child” to include those under 18 years of age and those when upon reaching the age of 18, is permanently incapable of self-support. Dependent child refers to both birth and adopted children, including a stepchild who is a member of the household where the veteran resides before his death. Any child may be considered a “dependent child” of the veteran if he acknowledged the child as his own in writing.

To qualify for additional allowances for spouse and dependent children, the veteran must have at least 30% disability rating.

3. Select number of dependent school children 18-24 years old. This information will indicate the number of children who are attending school. Again, the birth month and year for that child are required. There is a corresponding amount given as support for each child who is attending college.

The VA provides educational support to the veteran’s children who are above 18 years of age and attending college. See 5 CFR 831.672 for the conditions that the child must meet to be considered a school child by the VA.

4. Select marital status. A higher amount is given by the VA to veterans with spouses. If you are married, you will be asked to indicate the date of marriage to account for marital changes between now and the effective date of rating.

A veteran who is rated with 30% disability is entitled to receive a an additional $150 per month if married. An additional $ 259 per month is given if the veteran has a wife and child.


5. Does your spouse need aid and attendance? To provide for medical expenses for disabled spouses, the VA also considers the medical needs of the spouse. The conditions required for spousal aid and attendance are provided on the VA website.


6. How many dependent parents do you have? The Department of Veterans Affairs provides additional monetary support to veterans with dependent parents.

If forms are properly filled out and supporting evidence is provided, the VA will process the parental dependency claim. 38 USC 102 defines the dependency of parents

 7. What is the effective date of increase? There are certain criteria used to determine the effective date of increase. Medical findings and date of document submission impact effective date of increase. 38 USC 5110 list the dates of awards depending on the type of claim the veteran submits to the VA. For more information, read the article, “Effective Date of Rating: Why it Matters”.

8. Lastly, click the calculate button. In a few seconds, you will see a table indicating the approximate amount you should receive as retroactive pay. does not guarantee the accuracy of the calculator. If you discover an error, let us know.

It is possible that the calculated back pay amount will not match what you actually receive from the VA. Read the article, ”Top 3 Reasons Why You May Not Receive the Back Pay Amount You Expect”.

Did the VA give you a lowball decision on your disability claim? If so, read our article on “ Top Three Things You Should Do If You Did Not Get the Decision You Deserved”.

Did you find calculator useful? If you have questions or comments about the back pay calculator, please visit the contact us page to tell us what’s on your mind.

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